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果博东方游戏,from new teaching strategies to innovative equipment, stem is positioned for growth.what does this mean for the next generation of engineers?


the need for additional applicants in stem fields continues to rise, and students who begin these studies earlier are better equipped to fulfill these roles. from programming robots to working with satellites and remote vehicles, students are more interested than ever in stem programs, which offer more real-world experience and interactivity than more traditional methods of education.


and, as companies and researchers collaborate to meet the unique needs of stem in the classroom, teachers are getting onboard, too.


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abetter kind of stem in schools


the national science foundation, the university of georgiacollege of engineering, and the uga college of education recentlyfunded a $2.1 million study that seeks to develop a modelcourse for elementary school teachers interested in broadening stem in theirclassroom, eventually lessening the gender gap that exists in engineering.


tim foutz, who is a professor in the college of engineering’sschool of environmental, civil, agricultural and mechanical engineering andprincipal researcher in the study said, “there are numerous articles thatprovide evidence that coding skills are needed in virtually any career that ayoung student may later choose to pursue. the project is focused on learning toconstruct and critique arguments, an essential foundational skill fordecision-making.”

tim foutz是一名大学工程学院的教授,同时对环境、文明、农业和机械工程都有很深入的研究。他介绍到:“很多文章提供证据表明,编程技能在各种各样的工作中都需要,年轻的学生可以选择在往后的日子中去学习该技能。该项目专注于学习用于决策的基本技能:构造和批判论证。”

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the project is set to last three years and is called collectiveargumentation learning and coding or calc. it integrates coding and roboticsinto existing methods of teaching students, making it relatively easy tointegrate. roger hill, who is a professor in the college of education'sdepartment of career and information studies and a project researcher, believesthe stem has an important place in the classroom. “there are many differentkinds of scientific and mathematic principles that might be incorporated intoone of these lessons. we pick and choose depending on what we need to teach andone of the strategies has been to have teachers identify areas where they havestruggled in the past,” he said.

该项目将持续3年,被称为“集体式讨论学习以及编程”,它将编程和机器人技术整合到现有的教学方法中,使他们能更好的整合在一起。roger hill是美国教育学院职业与信息研究学院的教授,同时他也是一名项目研究员。他认为,stem在课堂上占有重要地位:“一个课程可能会包含许多不同种类的科学和数学原理。我们可以根据需要教的东西来选择需要的知识,当然,这需要教师有能力对以往学过的东西进行划分。”他说。

the research team will also provide coaching to teachersinvolved in the program and provide assessments that analyze both student andteacher performance designed to improve the program over time.


hill believes their approach is different because it is moreintegrated. “our traditional approach to instruction is not only elementaryschool, but at all different levels, tends to be split into silos. with thisstudy, we don’t do that. it’s all mushed together kind of like real lifebecause it’s contextualized,” he says. the program is largely focused onreal-world experience.


“one thing we are hoping is that helping students to makearguments in their coding rather than relying on trial and error will decreasetheir frustration with coding and increase their connections to mathematics andscience, as they will use similar methods and vocabulary across the subjects.also, exposing students to coding and robotics at an early age will hopefullyspark an interest in these and other stem areas of study,” says annamarieconner, an associate professor in the department of mathematics and scienceeducation.


the researchers hope that the outcomes of the study informcomputer science, mathematics and science education on the potential positivesof an augmentation-based approach to stem, incorporating existing teachingpractices with a stem+c program.


programs that seek to work with teachers are typically easier toimplement—but what about equipment?


afresh (robotics) take on the graphing calculator


texas instruments recentlyannounced the ti-innovator rover, a robotics solutions designedspecifically for middle and high school students interested in an interactivestem experience. using a ti graphing calculator, students can write programsthat control rover.



rover is designed so that even students with little to noexperience can begin writing basic programs that make the robot dance, crash,or draw. “we created rover to demystify robotics and give students who might beintimidated by programming an easy on-ramp to learn to code. given the sheerjoy we have seen on students’ faces as they learned to code during our testingphase, we are excited to see how rover will inspire more young minds through anintroduction to robotics,” says peter balyta, president of ti educationtechnology.

教育技术的总裁peter balyta说:“漫游者”的设计是为了让那些几乎没有经验的学生能够开始编写一些基本程序,如让机器人跳舞、碰撞或画画等。“我们创建了漫游者机器人来揭开机器人技术的神秘感,让那些可能被编程吓到的同学,重新开始学习编程。”在我们的测试阶段,我们很高兴看到学生们在学习编程的过程中得到的巨大的快乐,通过机器人技术,我们将会看到更多的年轻人的想法。”

rover is designed specifically for use in a classroom, and isrechargeable, has a color sensor, distance sensor, led display, gyroscope andmarker holder to trace on paper. the robot is expected to be available forpurchase throughout the united states and canada in late fall and throughouteurope in 2018.


in a test group consisting of students from girls, inc. inmetropolitan dallas, students noted that they really liked how visual,interactive, and interesting rover was, which is a common reaction to increasedstem in the classroom.


initiatives and methods like these are relatively unique to thisupcoming generation of engineers. to an extent, this is a continuation of theevolution that is constantly occurring in classrooms around the globe,including engineering classrooms. but the existence and especially thewidespread availability of more complex electronics than even 10 years agomeans that the education kids are receiving today is markedly different thanany received before.


the result will doubtlessly be that these children will havemore opportunities to experiment with and eventually design and pioneer newtechnologies. does that mean that they're more advanced overall? how do thesenew techniques and concepts compare to what you were exposed to in your owneducation?



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